Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Moon! And a question for the artists.....

New Players- IMPORTANT - please remember to leave a comment when you post your art tag on Mr. Linky! It sends me an email that alerts me you have posted a tag!

I really loved the Heart tags from last week! You all inspire me!

This week the theme is The Moon, it can be a full moon, crescent moon, or The Man In The Moon. Make sure the moon image is prominent, although it does NOT have to be the focal point!

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My tag is one I did several months ago; it hasn't been a great week for me but I didn't want to not have a challenge for you! I used a Steampunk stamp over some vintage background paper, added metal bits, including a little man I found many years ago and had in my stash. I added a little color to my friendly moon face and in a couple of other spots. I admit, I have a fondness for Steampunk and industrial themes!

I also wanted to say how much I appreciate all the kind comments about my art tags from you!

Now the Question for you all, What do you do with your tags after making them? For instance, I have some on display, others I have used when making a card, and some I am framing. I saw a response on someones blog last week stating that the person stopped making them because they didn't know what to do with them afterwards. So, what do you do with your lovely little pieces of art? We would love to know!

(Please answer the question in the comment section after you sign in on Mr. Linky).

REMINDER: I created a Facebook page for Tag Tuesday. I will admit right away that I am not sure exactly what I am doing, but here is the link. I would love for you to "like" the page and share it with your artist friends. I think you can upload your photos to the wall page. Anyway, we can try it out and see if it goes places! We need more people to "LIKE" the page! And post on it!

Thank you for visiting the other artists - we all appreciate a kind word (me too!). And if you want to read my Tuesday Story on my other blog, click here: A Rabbit In The Garden



  1. My TAG can be found here
    Thanks for looking.

  2. My simple tag is on my blog. What do I do with the tags I make? If they aren't too big, I use them as gift tags. Or I cut off the top and adhere them to a folded cardstock and make a greetings card. Ot if they are small, I enclose them in a greetings card to be used as a bookmark.

  3. What a wonderful challenge, I was so pleased when a friend pointed out your blog to me. I have to admit that I am a tag-aholic and I very rarely make cards any more. Art tags are so much more useful, can be alot of fun and are very cool. Thanks for the great inspiration, I will definitely stop by again and play.
    Chris / CS Designs

  4. Hi - I'm new to Tag Tuesday - here is a link to my "Moon" Tag - I'm having trouble with the Linky tool: http://sharonshowcase.blogspot.com/2011/09/dreamy-celestial-goddess.html
    And to answer what I do with my tags - some I use for bookmarks - others are in a box and some are pinned up in my craft room!

  5. HI Rebecca, sorry to hear you are not feeling so good. I have often given tags away - via Blog Giveaways etc, but have at the moment a large box full....Xmas presents? Not sure yet, we will see!

  6. Thanks for the challenge and hope you are feeling better soon.
    I love making tags because of their size. They make nice little presents, gift tags and very often they substitute for cards. I never seem to have enough of them (LOL).

  7. Gute Besserung and thanks for the challenge. Love your example! I love tags. My tag will be a present together with a book, so I created it very simple, that you can unse it as a bookmark.
    Sorry, my english is not so good.

  8. great tag Rebecca , love the embellishments and the cute moon :)I sometimes use my tags like a note card when I send a package :)

  9. this is a beautiful challenge and i hope to join. i'm glad you asked about what others do with their tags and i am interested to read the replies. most of my tags are tucked away as i think they make great gifts -- especially with books. so they are ready for me whenever i need a little extra something to give away! xo

  10. Just made it under the wire again.
    In answer to what do I do with my tags. I don't have but a few and I hang them on the bullinten board over my computer.
    Hope all of you have a great week. I am going to aim for Sunday this time to get my tag done. LOL maybe.

  11. Finally back in the UK and able to complete this challenge.
    I am collecting all the tags I have made for the challenge and hope to display them all on the wall behind my desk one day. I love seeing them all together.