Monday, March 28, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Vintage Sewing

What a lovely group of tags from last week's challenge! So many birds, butterflies and blossoms - don't you just love Spring! I did have one person whose sign in on Mr. Linky led to a dead end, so I am sorry that I could not include that tag in the Sampler. Please let me know if you have trouble!

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This week's tag is "Vintage Sewing". On my tag, I used embossed floral paper as the background, a chipboard pair of scissors (which has glitter you can't see!), floss, bead, small sewing charms, 3 old buttons (they are upside down, filled with Stickles), couched threads on the left side and ribbon.

Please use whatever medium you wish, and rubber stamping is not mandatory!

When you fill in Mr. Linky, please leave a comment. When you do, I get an email so I know a new tag is added and can come enjoy your creation. Please also click on the others who have signed up, and view and comment on their creations. We all love to have comments on something we put effort into! And if you want to visit my other blog for the Tuesday story, click here!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Think Spring!


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Louise at Kard Krazy has found that she needs to let some things go and Tag Tuesday was one of them. I am going to try and follow in her footsteps and have the same challenge for you since so many of us participated. Louise had wonderful ideas and it is with excitement mixed with sorrow that I start off my very first challenge blog! I will not pretend to be Louise, as she had her own unique talent, but I hope that you will enjoy participating as we carry on her legacy!

Today's challenge is to Think Spring! I made my tag with a background from a greeting card, rubber stamping, silk flowers, spring colored fibers and two earring findings. Please use WHATEVER medium you wish, and please remember this is for beginners as well as old timers like me. It isn't a contest, but a way to share what you have done with like minded artists so we can all enjoy. I can't wait to see your creations!

Ok, Mr.Linky is up - please do try it out and let me know!

And if you are one of the followers of my Tag Tuesday plus a Story on my other blog, I will continue those posts, too.

(For some reason my name and blog address is showing up in Mr. Linky, if that's what you see too, please erase it and insert your own information. I will work on getting that fixed!)