Monday, October 10, 2011

Tag Tuesday

Dear Friends,

I'm very sorry to say that I cannot host Tag Tuesday at this time. As some of the regular players know, I have been struggling with my health a lot lately, and I've realized that I just do not have the energy needed right now to do this blog challenge, even though I really want to. I only have so many energy "tokens" available, and the amount various from day to day with this illness, so sometimes I have "spent" them all and have nothing left to carry on through the day. I am really sorry to just spring this on you this way, and sincerely hope that someone else will take the helm. Thanks very much for playing along with my challenges and I wish the best for all of you! Please come visit me from time to time at my other blog, A Rabbit In The Garden.

And I really loved all the creative tags everyone shared!

Thanks very much!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tattered Romance Tag

New Players- IMPORTANT - please remember to leave a comment when you post your art tag on Mr. Linky! It sends me an email that alerts me you have posted a tag!

I'm so proud of you who made a tag for last week! They were great!

Today, another direction - making a tag that evokes a feeling. Your tag needs to show a long ago romance, with something that hints at sadness, or loneliness, or dreams which died. But not just that - there needs to be a hint of the excitement which was there, so add some color. The romance was once everything, now it's all in tatters - a Tattered Romance!

(click for details)

On my tag I used a base cut from the collage I made on Tyvek, which included the old faded photo, some music and even some tissue stars. I stamped a bit on the left side, added part of an old necklace and small cameo. Then I brushed Gold Leaf around the edges and left it zig zaggy on the bottom.

 I will probably keep the Facebook page and I encourage those of you who use it to post your tag pictures on it. AND I am going to create a Flickr pages just for the tags created on this blog challenge. Stay tuned! (It's been a rough week for me health wise, but I am going to do it!!!)

Thank you for visiting the other artists - we all appreciate a kind word (me too!). And if you want to read my Tuesday Story on my other blog, click here: A Rabbit In The Garden