Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Arbor Day

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There were a basket full of lovely tags last week for Easter. And thank you all for leaving comments on my blog after posting on Mr. Linky, it certainly made things  smoother for me!

This week we celebrate Arbor Day!  National Arbor Day (USA) is the tree planter's holiday, and has been celebrated since 1872. It began in Nebraska, a state with a largely treeless plain back in the 1800's. It's always the last Friday of April, a day to plant and dedicate a tree to help nature and the environment. Millions of trees will be planted Friday, April 29, 2011. Please make a TREE the focus of your tag.

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For my tag, I used a tree cut out from a black and white wallpaper sample, and altered it with Spica pens. The butterflies were a bronzed metal and I sanded them a bit, painted them with white acrylic paint, then splashed on different alcohol inks. There is copper Sakura pen around the edges, but it's hard to see in the photo.

I love alcohol inks, but they sure can leave a stain!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Happy Easter!

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I was really tickled to see how many of you took the challenge last week and persevered to make a tag for the humble chair! Imagination and colors led the way, and every chair was different!

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This week is something you should find more relaxing - the wonderful celebration of Easter. Please make a tag any way you wish and share it with us.

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The main image was one I scanned from a postcard received by my grandmother in 1911. I tore the edges, used a little distress ink, tore some appropriate hymnal music and distressed them as well; then I added some ribbon, sequins, glitter pens and finished it off with a fluffy varicolored textile. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit others and comment on their entry. We all like to have our work acknowledged (even me!), so it's great we can do that for each other!

May you have a Blessed Easter!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tag Tuesday - The Chair

There was a lot of imagination floating around with last week's challenge! Thank you to all who participated. And I have a favor to ask - does anyone know how to make a button about this challenge for others to put on their blog? I was asked that, and the other one leads back to Louise's site. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it. I don't have a clue how to make one!

This week's challenge is to use a something we see everyday - the humble chair! Please make a chair the focal point of your tag. Someone could be sitting in it, but it must be the focal point and not the person (or thing) sitting in it.

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For my tag I used a chipboard image of an old desk chair, painted on it with some Stickles, added some miniature dice and a red metal lunch box, and attached an old watch face to the back. Behind it is the definition of "chair" I cut from an old dictionary. The Admit One Adult was torn from an old ticket to the circus. For the background I used a puzzle pieces die on paper with front and back images.

I just started using a die cutter, and when I used this particular die, it cut through to the acyclic sheet you use as the top to the "sandwich", leaving a cut imprint on it. So, is that a common occurrence? I wasn't too happy about it! I hope some of you who have more experience will let me know how to avoid having this happen.

Please try to visit on the others who have signed up, and view and comment on their creations. We all love to have comments on something we put effort into! (And that includes me!)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Postcard Cutout

We had another great turn out last week, and I'm glad people are enjoying the challenge. There are all different styles and colors - one person even made a small Tag Book and we  have some new players!

Today we will try something a little bit different!

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Today's challenge is to cut up a postcard in some way. You can make your tag out of the postcard (as I did), or cut up images on the postcard and use on your tag. If you are using a modern day postcard, the image will probably have a slick surface, so think about embellishments if you can't draw on it. Or put two postcards together; just be sure and use a real postcard, not an image of a postcard. Try something new!

I chose a postcard someone had sent me picturing the Humphrey's Art Hall at Ohio Wesleyan College.  I traced a tag shape on my postcard, cut it out and added some Tim Holtz vintage image tape on the left side and sticky ribbon across the top. I then cut out the door to the Art Hall and glued a colorful image in the opening, added a metal H, an arrow, brads and a tiny crown. It's finished off with a word cut out. Simple but still fun!

Please try to visit on the others who have signed up, and view and comment on their creations. We all love to have comments on something we put effort into! And if you want to visit my other blog for the Tuesday story, click here! I write a different story every Tuesday and always appreciate readers.